HPD Current Events

August 2015 

 There are several scams out there in our area.  Please remember not to give out any information over the phone to any one, just hang up and call 911 to report the call.  These calls usually come at a late hour requesting money or personal information because you owe a bill or have been suspected of a crime.

Remember not to trust any one asking for help with money they found or to pay your share of a business they are starting.  These people usually approach senior citizens in parking lots when they are alone, just say no thank you and proceed to your destination.  When you are in a safe area call 911 and report the incident. 

  The Police Department still has a call list for senior citizens and home bound people.  This is a cold time of the year and the Department will check them Monday - Friday.  Lets make sure they are safe.

Reminder to merchants,  please examine all checks when cashing them and get a photo I.D..  We have charged several people with check forgery in the last month.  The Department will give classes to employees concerning forgery and scams, just call the office for an appointment. 



Perry McAlhaney

Chief of Police

Hampton Police Deaprtment