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Yard Sales in the Town of Hampton

The Town of Hampton will begin enforcing Yard Sale Permit Ordinance on Dec 1st, 2018. You must apply for a permit to hold a yard sale in the Town of Hampton. You can apply for this at the Town Hall.  *See ordinance below. *

  • *ALL yard sales must have a permit
  • * $25 permit fee for non residents
  • *No more than 4 yard sales per year
  • *Church and Civic groups are exempt.

Permit Application



Sec. 38-1. Garage and yard sales.  

All garage sales and yard sales in the town shall comply with the following regulations: 

  1. No garage sale or yard sale shall be conducted upon any park, playground, street or public property. 
  2. Any person who does not own, rent or lease real estate within the town shall pay a permit fee of $25.00 for each day such sale is to be conducted. 
  3. All merchandise sold within the town at any yard or garage sale shall be personal or used personal household goods.
  4. All applicants who are residents of or own, lease or rent property within the town shall be allowed four garage or yard sales in a 12-month period. 
  5. No nonresident person shall conduct a garage sale or yard sale until he shall have applied to the clerk-treasurer and paid to the town the permit fee herein specified and shall be granted such permit by the clerk. Said application shall specify the date, time and location of such sale. 
  6. Nothing contained herein shall prohibit any merchant from allowing his property to be utilized for the holding of a garage or yard sale; provided that all proceeds from such sale shall be included in the gross income of such merchant and reported to the town for the determination of the amount of business license of such merchant.
  7. Church and civic groups in the town shall be exempt from the requirements of this section.

(Code 1985, § 7-6-11; Code 1992, § 8.701)