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Hampton Fire Department

Hampton Fire Department

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600 Second Street West
Hampton, SC 29924
Mailing address:  608 First Street, West, Hampton, SC  29924-3504

For more than 72 years, Hampton has been protected by a dedicated volunteer fire department. From its earliest days as a bucket brigade to today's well-equipped fire protection unit, the Hampton Fire Department has grown in size and updated its equipment, technology and training to accommodate the needs of our city's residents and its growing business and organizational community. For this reason, the Fire Department is proud of the fire rating of four the town has earned from ISO.

Hampton Fire DepartmentAffiliated closely with the county and its central dispatch system, the Hampton Fire Department covers a total response area of more than 85 square miles. The department is set up not only to respond to calls within the town limits but houses equipment to respond to emergencies within the rural areas that surround the town limits as well. The department has two engines and an equipment truck that respond to calls inside of the town limits and an engine, rescue unit and a 5000 gallon tanker truck that respond to emergencies outside the town limits. The department personnel are trained by the South Carolina Fire Academy and the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) to respond to fires, vehicle accidents, hazardous material incidents, as well as medical emergencies. The department trains on the first and third Tuesday nights each month for three hours each night to become more familiar with the equipment and how it operates and to practice firefighting techniques.

The Department is led by the Fire Chief and a slate of five officers appointed by the Chief (one Deputy Chief, two Captains and two Lieutenants).