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Hampton Museum and Visitors' Center

Hampton Museum15 Elm St. E.
Hampton, SC 29924
Phone: (803) 943-5318
Hours: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Other times by appointment.

  • Linda Shaffer Co-Curator
  • Norma Jarrell Co-Curator
  • Marie S. Ellis Curator Emeritus


Living History

Interviews with living persons on the history of the area on tape. May be used for research at the museum.


Annual art, photograph, and literary contests are held. Check with the museum for more information.


Walking tour of Hampton, SC, Indian Facts, A Unique Break from the Interstate, Services for Schools, Hampton Museum and Visitors' Center


Communications, Native American Lore, Houses of Worship, Watermelon Festival, Medical Equipment, Bank Vault & Safe, Art, Children's Room, My Lady's Room, Military Room, Commercial Room and the Political Room.

Reference Library

Collection of books and articles to assist in research. Presentation Boards available for research.

Travel Trunks

Plastic containers featuring items teachers and leaders of youth may use to reinforce the studies of countries. Those countries are New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and Mexico.


A board member who acts as spokesman for the Hampton Museum and Visitors' Center is available upon request. One week advance notice is required.

Special Tours

Volunteers are available as guides on walking tours and museum tours. Both are free. One week advance notice may be required.

Taped Tour

Walking Tour on tape. Rental fee is $10.00. BUT if returned the same day, it's Free.


For those unable to take in the 100 year old stairs, you may sit and watch a DVD of the upper floor of the museum.


There are over 50 books to assist with family history and the museum has inventoried over 125 cemeteries. An alphabetical list of people in all cemeteries is available.

Photo Library

5,000 or more photographs to assist in research

Visitor Service

Come and see if we have what is of interest to you.

Services are free but donations are accepted.